How to Get rid of Cockroach and bed bugs

The fear of a wanderer is a dream come true. It’s not just sleep. The kidneys cause severe health problems. One of the main reasons why the unhealthy situation is mating. Recognize that the cape’s knee is just on the cushioned bed. It is also a challenge that you can not see the mucus.

How do you know whether you are a cuckoo on the bed?

Red spots on the body as they arise in the morning
Sleeping it in the body is irritating it
The presence and presence of dark tissue in the beds and pillows
Blood spots on bed sheets
 If you have so much, then you have a knife on your bed.


Many chemicals are available for killing the market. But the use of these may make your life challenging with your lifespan. We can cut the egg through a natural way.

 1. First 1
 The mint smell of the mint will lash out of the bed. Put on the skin of the mint leaf or the skin on the skin. You can also make a mini spray and sprinkle it on the bed. The cuckoo passes through the pumpkin.

 2. Eucaly 3
The severe smell of uglia is a threat to our weeds. Eukali is sprinkled with one or two drops on the pillow and bed. Additionally, one can wash one bed or two drops of earthenware and dip in the water and dry it off.

  1. Karpooram karpooram
     Keep the carp cottage on the bottom of the bed. Copper smoke can be found on beds and pillows. This will also keep the urge to a certain extent.
  2. The stomach 2
     Powder it out of the stole shop and sprinkle it with oils that are perfumed
  3. Baking soda 4
      Put the baking soda on the suspicious portion of the loaf
  4. The lavender oil 5

Lavender oil in bed and spraying on beds will remove the urine. It can also be applied on the body.

 Please be careful

An unhygienic situation is an opportunity to grow the egg. If you are sure that the cot is on the bed, wash it off with warm water and ruby, and dry it.

If it is found to have beds, bed sheets, pillow cover and blanket are well washed after half an hour in hot water. Dry it in the sun. It must be done once a week.

The damp will help the lid and so keep the bed even brighter. Hide the gaze off the bed’s gaps. Find and block it. If it is mandatory to examine this part of the material, sprinkle it with urea or steak.

Updated: April 29, 2019 — 3:30 am

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